Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Locked out in Agamy

Yesterday, December the 17th, Morgan, Connor, Ryan, and I were taken to our Egyptian friends little place in Agamy beach.  It was beautiful, the miles of endless coast, vacant of tourist save the few stray local wonders with their fishing equipment.  The air outside was about 50-55 degrees but the water temp was around 58-64 and, there was surf!  It was about waist to chest high but the winds were S-SW which made the current choppy and irregular.  Nevertheless, Morgan and I jumped in and in doing so immediately regretted our decision; the wind was so intense that even sticking your head out of the water was an unpleasant experience.

After swimming and hanging out a little in Karim's apartment, we all decided that we were hungry and that it was time to make the 45 minute car-ride back to Alexandria.

While packing the trunk of the car with our bags, Karim seemed to have dropped the key inside the trunk.  Morgan, thinking that Karim had the key, proceeded to close the trunk, thusly locking ourselves out of the car.  

Agamy is a tourist town, however, only in the summer.  In the dead of winter it is rather vacant, and if it wasn't for the beautiful Mediterranean it would be one hell of a depressing place.  Nevertheless, to lock your keys in your car sucks, plain and simple.  No one is around.  

After doing this we all thought about what the next step should be.  Should we call a locksmith? or a mechanic?  I came up with a rather ingenues idea (if i do say so myself) of acquiring a metal-wire coat hanger that we could thusly make straight and try to open the door from the inside.  'merica! f$#@ yeah! here we come to save the f$#@in' day yeah! (I secretly thought)

We found a coat hanger inside Karim's apartment and straightened it, but it was apparent that to slide the coat hanger through the window was not as easy as it was on say, my dad's Mercury van.  Stupid Japanese cars!

So I found a small wooden structure erected by nailing a bunch of shivs together.  I proceeded to break apart this structure and planned to use the shivs to pry a space open on the car door so as to provide enough room so that the coat-hanger could be maneuvered uninhibited.  

After I managed to pry enough space open on the passengers side window, Morgan, Connor and myself rotated in our attempts to unlock the car from the inside.   After about an hour and a half of trial and error, with our hopes nearly abandon and our faith lost--so we beat on--boats against the current--and eventually pulled the coat hanger at the right angle with just the right amount of pressure and opened the door.  'MERICA! 

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